Burkes Pass

I had a mini-break to Tekapo this weekend and it was a stunning destination with snow right down to the ground – making everything look like a winter fairyland (I’ll post photos this week sometime). On the way back to Christchurch I decided I absolutely had to have a coffee stop at Burkes Pass to check out the vintage cars and the shop there (I came home with a few things!). This place is a photographer’s dream – especially with the snow on the vehicles.

This four-month old kitten followed me around having lots of fun in the snow.

4 responses to “Burkes Pass”

  1. Absolutely mint! Stumbling upon this marvelous place at the right time like this, and having your camera with you, plus warm coffee too — it’s kinda like accidentally winning the lotto without any hint of forewarning! Yes, you’re awake, Michele, it’s real 🙂


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