Weekend in Winter Wonderland of Tekapo

These photos are from this past weekend in Tekapo. We timed our visit there perfectly – the roads had been well graded and just a little bit of ice in places. When we started seeing the snow at around Burkes Pass area I started getting excited. I really don’t know what it is about snow that thrills me so much, I just have to walk in it, stand and stare at it, and of course take countless photos of landscapes and objects covered by it. I took so many photos, I could probably do a month’s worth of blog posts, but this blog is not called Tekapo Daily Photo – so I can’t. But here are some of my favourite images from the weekend. 

The view at the top of the Pass just before coming into Fairlie

I saw quite a few rabbits trying to get some feed in the snow.
Tekapo Four Square

The local supermarket must have the best view in the country of any supermarket – as you can see it’s stunning. 

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