Spectrum Street Art at the YMCA


I checked out the Spectrum Street Art Festival at the YMCA on Hereford Street today. It’s fabulous and I was totally blown away by the first artwork (above) which was actually four separate panels that makes up the entire picture.

DSC04002 DSC04003 DSC04004 DSC04005 DSC04009 DSC04010 DSC04018

2 responses to “Spectrum Street Art at the YMCA”

  1. Very impressive!

    As for that first artwork, there is a way to get a 3D image to pop out using two photos taken about a metre apart and cropped into squares. Using the photo taken from the right and placing it to the left, and the other taken from the left and placed to the right with a small bit of space between them, all a person has to do is cross their eyes until the two images overlap and… Voila!

    Oh, and there is also one image in here which really caught my attention and at first glance made me think… ‘Moko Lisa’. I really like that one… a lot!


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