Arts Centre Restoration


The clock tower of the Arts Centre is looking wonderful – like it was only just built (check out those dark slate roofing tiles!). The Arts Centre was a cultural hub for Christchurch and a fun place to while away an hour or so browsing the market and checking out the different artists and crafts people in residence. It also had a bustling hospitality aspect with popular cafes. So it’s great to see that the clock tower will be opening up early in 2016 (that’s this year!). See more information at the official website –—college-hall.html


2 responses to “Arts Centre Restoration”

  1. Glad to see the progress made on the Arts Centre restoration — this whole block which includes the clock tower is indeed an historic architectural icon! In addition to those dark slate roofing tiles, I love the distinctive look of the dark basalt rock from the Halswell quarry and soft white Oamaru limestone that make up the door and window frames, and other decorative features too.


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