Tourist Information Towers


These towers are designed to help tourists orient themselves towards major city attractions. They are in response to feedback the City Council was receiving that tourists were frequently getting lost. I’m certainly not surprised tourists get lost in our central city – there’s few landmarks to go on and the closed roads and barriers that are in around construction sites can make things very confusing. But I would have to say that on my walk around the central city at lunchtime today, I was finding a lot of progress and change with new buildings suddenly open and tenanted. Of course buildings don’t spring up overnight like mushrooms, but because so many buildings are under construction it’s very easy to lose track of them and then out of nowhere we have a new landmark! Certainly interesting times we live in as Christchurch citizens.

2 responses to “Tourist Information Towers”

  1. These information towers could almost double as attractive art installations, and they’re quite useful too. We could definitely use something similar to these where I live not only for directions but as a physical message board to place posters of upcoming events upon, many of which would otherwise be totally unknown if people didn’t know where to look or read to find out about them — and by being there in plain view for pedestrians as well as traffic stopped at the lights, this is an excellent idea for stimulating return visits to the central city. I believe Christchurch is light years ahead of most other cities in terms of things like this!


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