Kensington House


The art deco Kensington House looks to have re-opened with hospitality businesses in the ground floor and I read a while back there would be a shared working space here as well. Nice to see a building restored.

2 responses to “Kensington House”

  1. I know this may seem a bit odd, but lately I think I must be in the zone or something like that. A few weeks ago a friend of mine sent me a pic snapped from Worcester Street of this area including the Kensington House in the background from across a large grassy field where buildings had once been, and I recognised the area from views (especially the ‘Rooms from $88’ banner on the building behind it) as seen from the Christchurch webcam at Pacific Tower. I had to go back and look closely at my friend’s picture to be sure, and low and behold it was there. Now you’re posting a pic up even closer. Probably just coincidence but it’s sure got the gears in my mind turning!


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