Redcliffs gets its supermarket back


New World Redcliffs re-opened today – which will be great news for those living in the area. Having your supermarket back makes things feel a bit more normal again. I now have the choice of two supermarkets – one that’s 3 minutes drive away and one that’s 6 minutes drive away. I had a shop today at the New World and it has that lovely new supermarket feel about it. Christchurch residents have had a lot of new supermarkets over the last few years – as of-course we lost most of suburban supermarkets due to the earthquakes.

3 responses to “Redcliffs gets its supermarket back”

    • Thanks Stefan, we now have a completed bridge with no road cones (that was 5 years in the making) and I have two very new supermarkets within 5 minutes drive away. And sometimes, I can make an entire car journey and avoid pot holes and bumpy roads. But alas I can pretty much never avoid road works, or closed roads, or derelict buildings.


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