View from Flowers Track

2015-06-28 13.53.04

A beautiful winter’s day today, so we cycled to Sumner and then walked up Flowers Track in Scarborough to get this view.

2015-06-28 14.00.29

Making our way down the track.

2 responses to “View from Flowers Track”

  1. Michelle, its so nice to see the landscape looking so green again. Love the amazing view towards Sumner from Flower Track!

    Just a tip, with everything looking so green this time of year a trek out to Boulder Bay and Godley Heads during the early morning hours may be in order as the view from there can produce some great photos looking back towards Taylors Mistake and Scarborough at the top of the hill behind it too. A friend of mine (Anna) snapped some shots from there whilst on the trails this past October and they were absolutely amazing. But with your camera and lens, I can’t even begin imagine the captures you could get!


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