A lunchtime out birding

A Redpoll having Lunch

As is my normal routine, I went out for a walk this lunchtime, but today a brought my camera along with the intention of photographing some waxeyes I had previously seen eating some crab apples. I got to the crab apple tree and of course there were no waxeyes to be found. However, all was not lost, in fact I managed to photograph two birds I had never been able to snap before. They are common enough birds, but a little shy (particularly the Goldfinch).

Goldfinch in long grass

The Goldfinch was one of a large pack that were feeding on lawn seed left on the ground near McCormacks Bay.


Redpolls are also finches and were introduced to New Zealand. I suspect a lot of people would just think they were seeing a sparrow. A few years back I wouldn’t have known the difference either, but it seems that many photographers become bird watchers eventually. I’ve always been fond of birds and think of them as little dinosaurs, but know I’m beginning to know just which bird is which!

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