Buildings on Bealey Avenue


I’ve always admired these lovely wooden buildings on Bealey Avenue – unfortunately I don’t know much about them or if they have a group name. Like a lot of wooden buildings, they appear to have come through the earthquakes relatively unscathed (though they’ve probably needed at least some work on them I suspect).

Love the large Magnolia tree in the front and the Cabbagge Trees as well.


2 responses to “Buildings on Bealey Avenue”

  1. Lovely old home sort of retro with its rounded curves and windows, must make a funny shaped room. That old magnolia realy sets it off beautifully


  2. The logos in some of the windows here suggest these most interestingly designed buildings may be used for some kinds of business purposes. Love the very well manicured Cabbage Trees as I do have this thing for Cabbage Trees as being overseas where there are no Cabbage Trees, these trees are like icons that just scream out, New Zealand!

    After having recently enjoyed an outdoor concert featuring Lorde while on tour in the States, I got to thinking if she ever saw a Cabbage Tree over here, she would have noticed in a nanosecond, and probably felt a bit homesick too. In case you’re wondering, she did put on an excellent show – much enjoyed! 🙂


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