Blossom Tree by the Water Wheel


A beautiful Spring day today (even though the forecast was for cold and wet). So to make the most of the sunshine I went for a walk around the central city and discovered the blossom tree by the water wheel on Oxford Terrace is in full bloom. I’ve missed this shot many years running – so was pleased to get a version of it this year.

2 responses to “Blossom Tree by the Water Wheel”

  1. Absolutely perfect capture — I’m thinking this one may be a hard one to beat in the future! Well done indeed as it really does capture the essence of springtime so picture perfectly.


    • Thanks Robert, yes I agree, it’s a winning shot! Even if I say so myself. I can’t believe I kept missing the blossom tree year after year. A friend of mine who looked after the blog in 2009 got the same shot and also did it justice – such a pretty spot.


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