Knox Church on Victoria Street


The Knox Church on the corner of Bealey Avenue and Victoria Street was very badly damaged in our earthquakes and they started rebuilding it last year – it was stripped right back to its frames for a long time.

I was really surprised when driving back from my holiday to see the progress they’ve made – it’s looking like a church again. For more information about the church and the rebuild visit

2 responses to “Knox Church on Victoria Street”

  1. Ooooh, my friend and I had to spend a night in Chch before flying home to Kaitaia. We had been come up from south westland and wanted a night out. This was a couple of years ago. By co-incidence we found Smash Palace to have a beer – it was the end of May, freezing cold night, and here were glammed-up locals enjoying the night-life in a club with no walls or ceilings or heating, apart from fires in drums and hot water bottles.
    Across the road stood the bones of Knox church. Thanks for the update.


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