Marcel the Ginger Tom


This is Marcel and he’s a lovely cat. He’s not mine, not even my neighbour’s cat. He’s technically my neighbour’s neighbours neighbours neighbours cat (well you get the idea). He lives down the road from me and though he has a perfectly good home with by all accounts loving owners, he’s the total opportunist and has a ‘second family’ that he visits during the day. I know the family he visits, so Marcel knows me too. So he was very intent on having me play with him today. He was a bit bored it seems. He spotted me walking past the driveway to his second family (who were out for lunch I think) and started meowing at me so plaintively, that I stopped to give him some attention. As I explained to him, I had to go and do some work, but he was not having any of that and grabbed me by the sleeve with his paws. I made my escape, and back to my afternoon of work.

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