Gnomes! Reflective Lullaby by Gregor Kregar


I think I have a new photographic favourite subject – these gnomes by sculptor Gregor Kregar. They are located outside of the Christchurch Art Gallery. The sculptures are made of mirror polished stainless steel.

2 responses to “Gnomes! Reflective Lullaby by Gregor Kregar”

  1. Love these huge gnomes!! So glad they made it to Christchurch! I guess these gnome exhibits change names when they change their locations too 🙂

    I saw an article in Urbis Magazine about these (Reflective Synthesis, by Gregor Kregar) while they were at the Kitchener Street Gow Langsford Gallery in Auckland (28 Nov 2012 to 31 Jan 2013) — been a huge fan of Gregor Kregar ever since. How he fashions them to look like liquid metal is beyond amazing!


  2. I stand corrected — Gregor Kregar has made heaps of gnomes! In Reflective Lullaby the gnome with his hands on his hips is John, and the one with his hands behind his back is Robert. As for those in Reflective Synthesis, two Roberts, maybe? lol

    And all of them fashioned to perfection, looking like liquid metal. Amazing! I wonder if there is a current tally of how many gnomes Gregor Kregar has made?


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