A few more shots from Foragers

I took so many photos when I was at Foragers! It really is a photographer’s dream store. So much to see and so many interesting things to photograph.

2 responses to “A few more shots from Foragers”

  1. I see you have made the serendipitous discovery where others have done all the difficult tasks of arranging their treasures for best eye-appeal and all you have to do is snap photos 🙂

    I love finding places like this for photography forays too! Op shops are another good source of endless variety well arranged awaiting great captures — plus it helps when you love old things that were made with quality as compared to the many things nowadays that are made for quick sales only to end up in the skip after their planned obsolescence.


    • Robert, yes I made that discover some time back! So considerate of them to lay out all of these interesting things for use to photograph. Just got to resist buying too much while doing it!


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