The Lotus-Heart Restaurant and Tea House on St Asaph Street

This is the building that houses The Lotus-Heart vegetarian restaurant and gift shop (they used to be in the Square but of course have had to re-locate due to the earthquake). It’s so nice to see a colourful building that has been renovated. In fact, I had quite a joyful reaction to this building when I first saw it, as it was new to me and seem to have sprung up from nowhere. Such a pleasant change to viewing destruction all of the time.

I love the interior of the restaurant as it is so calm and peaceful but at the same time colourful and vibrant.

You can learn more about the restaurant at their website –


2 responses to “The Lotus-Heart Restaurant and Tea House on St Asaph Street”

  1. Wow! The Lotus-Heart – I loved that place when it was in the square, so I am glad to see it open again and looking so beautiful and so unique. Makes me want to move back to Christchurch. Those Sri Chinmoy people have got it going on!


    • One thing about living in Christchurch is that you learn to appreciate things you’d probably take for granted in another city – like seeing an old building come back to life.


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