CF Cotter & Co Building Still Standing

Photo taken at the cordon fence by Alice in Videoland


I was standing at the cordon fence (as I do a lot these days), and suddenly I realised I could see this building and that it was still there. I definitely did a double-take and was then quite relieved to see it, though it’s looking rather sad and lonely now. I checked on the Cera website and it was a ‘make safe’ building. I just can’t imagine what buildings will go beside it now though…

Here’s an old photo of High Street with just the edge of the CF Cotter building in view…

High Street circa April 2008

3 responses to “CF Cotter & Co Building Still Standing”

  1. Just curious if any of the facades on the now demolished buildings along High Street were saved, or if there was an economical and safe way to do so? I’m hoping that somewhere there are some containers filled with facades being stored for later reuse!


  2. Cotter’s days are numbered so if you want to protest start now.
    Cera want to sell this site empty. Cotters is the only building left from what was the true High St.

    Better to burn out than fade away


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