Lime scooter on Bridle Path Road

I’m trying to get more exercise, but it’s very tempting to jump on a scooter when I see one. I recently did just that while out on a walk on the coastal pathway…

3 responses to “Lime scooter on Bridle Path Road”

  1. Being that Lime (and Bird) Scooters have been over here as well for about the past year (and basically taken over the whole planet by now too), I got curious and looked up their production numbers and stock. Whoa!! Somebody has turned this into a multi-billion dollar industry in no time at all. Somebody obviously found… The Sampo!


  2. I totally agree they are very tempting. But still concerned about the safety after reading the news about all the accidents. This is definitely a nice gear to roam around the city but i believe wearing helmet should be mandatory.


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