Roadside Furniture

While out for a walk today I came across this mysterious chest. It’s locked and I’m assuming someone lost the key. If it’s been discarded that’s a shame as I think it could be done up to look quite nice. You’d just have to learn how to pick locks.

3 responses to “Roadside Furniture”

  1. If it’s still there, I would pick it up ASAP if I were you. There’s only so many antique skeleton keys they used in the old days, and I imagine many local antique dealers will have collections of them as well, for that very use – opening up locked furniture. If not that, I see there are exposed hinges that can have their pins removed, so all but the drawer can be easily accessible. All said, it looks like a nice piece of furniture that could be easily refinished!

    If it were me, seeing that it was discarded, I would have picked it up without a second thought and worried about the locks later and it looks like an easy refinish job to me too. Having something like that landing in my lap, so to say, would have made my day…Good, Real Good! 🙂


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