Housing Development on the Corner of Colombo Street and Brougham Street

This housing development is by Fletcher Living and according to their website, the first homes are expected to be completed and available for sale in late-2018. I’ve been watching these go up over the winter and noticed the colourful design. They are a mix of one and two bedroom homes. If you loved shopping at The Colombo and worked locally, it would certainly be a convenient spot to live in.

4 responses to “Housing Development on the Corner of Colombo Street and Brougham Street”

  1. One thing that immediately struck my curiosity whilst looking over the pictures was the capacity of the downspouts and lack of lightning rods, as with the average rainfall where I live a similar project would require over twice as much downspout capacity, and definitely some lightning rods. I’m guessing the weather in Christchurch doesn’t get nearly as extreme as where I’m at.


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