Dudley Creek Planting Near Hills Road

A few days ago I saw a Facebook post from the Christchurch City Council talking about the work completed around their Flood Mitigation scheme in the Flockton area. A photo similar to this one was posted and I was like, wow, that’s stunning, I need to photograph it. So today, I located the exact spot and then decided to follow the creek for a little bit, taking photos along the way. I’m always amazed when I find little pockets of Christchurch that are wee gems like this  – I think unless we live or work in an area we never really get to know other parts of the city all that well. I have very defined driving routes around the city, and I pretty much skirt around this area – with no real reason to venture into it (until today that is). It would be wonderful if all of our waterways had beautiful plantings like this – and if you feel the same way there are organisations in Christchurch where you can help plant areas like this – for example, I see that the Cashmere Stream Care Group are having a planting day this weekend. To find other planting days in your area, search ‘Christchurch planting days‘ on Facebook.

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