Te Ara Otakaro Avon Cycle Trail

It wasn’t the best of weather to do a cycle trail today (we ended up getting rained on), but as we both had new e-bikes we were keen to take them out for a decent ride. I’ve never had an electric bike before, and after having this one for just a few days, I’m not sure I can go back to unassisted pedalling! The boost you get from a battery pack is pretty awesome and makes cycling for ‘just fun’ fun again. 

We were not quite too sure where the trail started – but the first major sign we found for it was on Barbadoes Street. From Barbadoes, you follow the river crossing the road at Fitzgerald Avenue and Stanmore Road. It wasn’t always obvious where the trail went next – but it is only temporary after all, so if you go on it, don’t expect a polished finish and you might have to just follow your nose a little (tip – just keep following the river east).

We started our cycle ride from Ferrymead into the city via the new cycle path on Linwood Avenue, from the city we went to the start of the trail, then onto New Brighton, and then back to Ferrymead along Dyers Pass Road (my least favourite bit).  Thanks to the e-bike, I felt like I’d had plenty of exercise (as you’ve still got to peddle to make the cycle go) but I didn’t feel tired at the end of it. I’m looking forward to doing it again in the summer and on a sunny day. For anyone interested in my e-bike – it’s a cruiser made by Tuesday (the August) and I got it from Evo Cycles in Riccarton.

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