No Menu Monday at the Evil Genius Bar, Cafe and Restaurant in Ferrymead

The Evil Genius is one of my local restaurants – I can walk or cycle there quite easily (or drive there in 2 minutes!). This proximity makes me pretty lucky as when it comes to food they are definitely in a league of their own. They “zig when everyone else zags”, which is often how I feel in life. And, I’m kind of a fusspot when it comes to dining out (it’s got to be delicious or nutritious – or you’ll never see me again). This was my second ‘No Menu’ dining experience and it lived up to the high expectations I had after my first visit back when they started the no menu night on Mondays (when it was still a bit of a secret (shhh).

It was pretty dark when I took my photos – but hopefully, it gives you some idea of what to expect. You get three courses as tasting plates that you share with one other person. If that one other person is me, you better eat fast (just as well my other half does!). They are not big meals, but ‘oh my god’ they are a flavour explosion – and you get very personalised service with the chefs serving and explaining the meal – how freaking cool is that!

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