Tiny Huts in New Brighton

“Wharau” Tiny Hut, designed by Manaia Wilson-Moses

There was a competition to design a ‘tiny hut’ for New Brighton – to act as a draw card to the sea-side suburb. The challenge was to:

“design a small temporary structure that can attract and delight passers-by, capture peoples’ imagination, and inspire people to visit or to learn more about New Brighton”. http://www.ccc.govt.nz/the-rebuild/arts-and-culture/transitional-christchurch/tinyhuts/about-the-competition/

#MyBrightonHut designed by Marike Uys

The two huts shown are some of the winners of the competition.

See http://www.ccc.govt.nz/the-rebuild/arts-and-culture/transitional-christchurch/tinyhuts/tiny-huts-2016/ for more information on the other huts.

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