Quitting Time – A Sea of High Viz Vests


If you are in the central city after 5pm you can observe the phenomenon of the re-build construction workers leaving the city centre. It’s a sea of people walking out of the CBD wearing high viz vests – mostly bright orange or green/yellow. Many of them will be foreign workers here for the rebuild.


3 responses to “Quitting Time – A Sea of High Viz Vests”

  1. I’ve been enjoying all your photos and am also glad to see an expansion into subjects like this which most people in Christchurch would have considered to be much too familiar and wouldn’t think to photograph. Photography from a tourist’s frame of mind can often produce some interesting pictures indeed. Keep up the great work.


    • Thanks Robert. I like the street photography – and it shows Christchurch scenes as a ‘place in time’ rather than the iconic scenic shots which could be from anytime.


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