Circus Firemen – World Buskers Festival


Other than getting to one of the comedy nights (see Urzila Carson if you get the chance – she’s one very funny lady), I’ve missed most of the buskers festival (as days of it were rained out). I’ve always loved the festival, but have to say that since it’s been in Hagley Park and not the central city, I’ve not made the same effort to see it. For me, it lost something – as I really enjoyed the serendipity of turning round a street corner and finding an act about to start and finding myself drawn into their performance. Hopefully in years to come, we’ll see them back in the city centre again.


2 responses to “Circus Firemen – World Buskers Festival”

  1. Glad you got out to see at least some of the buskers festival after so many rainy days during its start. Hopefully by next year there will be more space available in the CBD not only to make it closer, but also to add some of that lost excitement back into it again — especially in the future once the Arts Centre campus is fully restored!


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