A Cycle Ride from Ferrymead to Lincoln

Today, I joined my friend Emma on a bike ride to Lincoln. I left from Ferrymead and met Emma in Opawa. I took the tow path track to get to Garlands road and then went through the park and followed the river to Opawa. We then embarked on our bike ride. We weren’t quite sure of our route, as we were not familiar with the cycle routes – so we had a few dead ends where the cycle path disappeared!



One of the underpasses on the motorway section of the cycle paths – decorated with colourful murals.

The section from Prebbleton to Lincoln is all off road cycling – it’s awesome


We’ve made it to Lincoln!

We treated ourselves to lunch at the wonderful Laboratory bar and Restaurant.

20160123_123011 20160123_124531

We cycled back through Cashmere and had to stop for an icecream.20160123_153147


We made a trip down Tennyson Street to check out the cycle path that’s completed separate from traffic and footpath (it’s about 10 years old apparently).


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