Monarchs in Woodham Park


This is Woodham Park which is on Woodham Road. It is home to Monarch Butterflies that are ‘wintering’ over in large numbers. It is a stunning sight and I encourage you to go and see them. It’s one of most special things I have seen in a long time.


The monarchs group together in large clumps. They looked particularly striking amongst the yellow foliage.


So beautiful!


So if you want to find the monarchs, go to Woodham Park on Woodham Road and look for the large yellow tree shown in the picture below (its at the back of the park near the playground).


I also visited Abberley Park and St James Park today – and they both have amazing collections of butterflies.


6 responses to “Monarchs in Woodham Park”

  1. I have never seen anything like that (except on pictures from Mexico). Great find, Michelle. Let us know what happens when the leaves have fallen…


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