A Trip on the Christchurch Gondola


The Christchurch Gondola was closed for two years after the February 2011 earthquake. It re-opened recently, so today was a perfect day to venture up to the top. Apparently a lot of other people also decided today was a great day too – it was busy! But great to see this wonderful tourism attraction being so well patronised. It can’t have been easy getting it back up and running – just take a look at the boulders on the Summit road in the photos below.


Apparently, some cyclists are still using summit road – you can see there’s a little pathway cleared through the rocks. The road is obviously closed, and quite frankly I think anyone would have to be mad to cycle on it. Also, based on the view from the Gondola, you are taking your chances walking the Bridle Path track which is still closed – yet people are still walking it. I noticed the fence that was blocking the entrance to the pathway has been knocked over. I was a regular walker of it and miss this track, but I certainly won’t be taking my chances!

Got to say though, I felt perfectly safe in the Gondola. So much so that I’ve got myself an annual pass (at $45 bucks for a year it’s a steal) – so expect to see lots of photos from the top of the hills in the near future.


Ah what a view! Looking east towards New Brighton.


And now looking down over Lyttelton to the Banks Peninsula.


Oh how I love those hills.

8 responses to “A Trip on the Christchurch Gondola”

  1. We took all of the same photos!! Maybe everyone does. We were so disappointed that we couldn’t stay and watch the sunset. Hope we can next summer.


    • I was thinking the same thing about the sunset – and we had a nice one tonight. Would be wonderful to be up there in the evening. Hope it does open later eventually.


  2. I must say that the views are stunning. The road looks very dicey even with the pathway cleared. It was a heart stopper anyway going up the roadway. Your pictures are amazing, takes me back to the summer of 2008/2009 when we went up on the gondola. Keep the photos coming. x


  3. We went up on Saturday and just loved it despite the rain and mist. So much so, we got an annual pass too. LOL. Looking forward to going up again thats for sure.


    • I suspect they may well sell a lot of those annual passes – such a good deal (plus you get discounts on their other attractions). We missed out on doing the Time Tunnel today (it was closed), but we’ll simply go back next week!


  4. Went up there on our visit back in 2005 … stunning views. Looking forward to more photos through this year. Always a joy to see your lovely city and how it recovers from the devastation.


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