Armageddon Expo in Christchurch

I got along to the Armageddon Expo today for some awesome photo opportunities. What a fun and interesting place to hang out for an hour. Plus, so many of the exhibitors were very obliging with their posing – striking great poses for anyone who put a camera in front of them.

People-watching is also a fascinating past-time at an expo like this. So many people went to a lot of effort to dress up in lots of different costumes.

Well worth the 5 buck entry fee.

One response to “Armageddon Expo in Christchurch”

  1. Well worth the money! My kids went yesterday dressed as Ranger’s Apprentices and stayed for 6 1/2 hours. 6 1/2 hours they were out of my hair! Plus got to meet, talk to and get the autograph of one of their favorite authors.


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