Russian Orthodox Church of St Nicholas on Brougham St

This church has always intrigued me, as for years I’ve driven past it and wondered what kind of church it was. I’ve been meaning to photograph it, but I’m always dashing from A to B when I’m driving along Brougham Street so never stop. Well, today I finally did stop and I took a couple of pics with my cellphone. The church is Russian Orthodox and from what I have read on the church’s website it has a congregation drawn from Russians, Belarusians, Ukrainians, and Serbians. It does not appear to have been affected by the earthquakes.

The church is easy to miss on Brougham Street, as on either side of it are commercial businesses and the church is quite small and has large trees in front of it. The dome on the top always grabbed my attention as I drove past. So now I finally know a little more about the church thanks to their website.

One response to “Russian Orthodox Church of St Nicholas on Brougham St”

  1. this church looks very interesting inside too. If you haven’t been inside any Russian orthodox churches before this church is a good one to come in and have a look.


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