Black cat street art

Black cats have had a very undeserved bad rap. They are also often the last to be adopted from shelters. So I was so pleased to see this stunning art work at Little High. I’m a big fan of black cats, having had the honour of a lovely black cat adopting us a few years ago. She turned up in our garden one day and we quickly realised she was very thin and obviously lost. We tried for weeks to find an owner but she wasn’t microchipped. We had many people think she was possibly their cat, but she was always the wrong age or gender. The vet suspects she was abandoned and may even have had kittens at just 5 or 6 months of age. Based on some of her responses we suspect she had been mistreated and she was also very anxious and insecure about her food, only eating if we stayed with her. She definitely found her furever people and she’s living her best life.

Our cat Shadow

6 responses to “Black cat street art”

  1. Love the black cat street art and your black cat photo too! 😻

    It’s a shame superstitions concerning black cats are still around and wide spread as often these cats can become the most docile of cats, many of which becoming ‘lap cats’. Perhaps parents of young children should make a concerted effort (even world-wide) not to pass along baseless superstitions to generations beyond so they can grow up to live free from superstitions, as well as for the sake of black cats and any other creatures that may get a bad rap from baseless superstitions. By the way, ever since I recently retired, I’ve found myself volunteering quite a bit of daily time socialising the new kittens and cats at a local pet adoption/thrift store (cats being kept and cared for at the store whilst all dogs and some cats too (all obtained from shelters) being fostered out to foster homes until adopted. Often some of these cats arrive being almost feral in nature but somehow with consistent and regular gentle attention, once their trust is established, they can become the most loyal of cats with kittens being transformed by far the quickest. Before this, I never knew I had that kind of talent/gift until I met this one kitten that stole my heart (along with the hearts of plenty of others working there too) Now they call me their ‘cat whisperer’.


  2. That’s wonderful Robert, such an awesome thing to do. I think I’d be worried I want to bring all the kitties home with me.


    • Being that we already have two cats, my better half let it be known there was to be no more cats (for now) after wanting to bring a third one home, so this made it a whole lot easier to see them off as they became adopted. Thanks to a good vetting process along with a one week waiting period too so that people can’t make impulse decisions, I’m also comforted to know these cats and kittens are also going to have their best lives too, but still, I do miss them after seeing them off to their new furever homes.


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