Flowers from my Garden


I’ve always been a keen gardener, even if it’s just been container plantings. In the last six months though, I’ve really focused my efforts on transforming the garden we have – as it was a bit overgrown and unloved in places. I’ve combined growing from seed with buying seedlings (for when I get impatient). I’ve also discovered, gardening with a cat is something of a challenge as she has her own ideas about where I should be digging and will happily walk over new seedlings. I had to just give up and accept that what would survive was meant to be.

The flowers shown are – my first sunflower, marigolds in my window box, a beautiful pink hollyhock, a stunning purple dahlia, and a mix of zinnias.

More from my garden.

4 responses to “Flowers from my Garden”

  1. Sweet garden, indeed! As for the bees I searched your photos for but could not find, might I suggest placing a small dab of honey on the back side of the welcome sign as an initial incentive to attract any bees that may be in your neighbourhood? By the time this honey is gone, the bees should have already discovered your flowers.



    • Oh we have bees! Big giant bumbles that could carry off a small animal, and honey bees. In fact, for my efforts, I was stung just the other night. Fortunately not badly and I don’t react to them.


    • I’ve often wondered about that too, but I expect it would be a lot of work. I find it hard enough keeping my gold fish healthy.


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