Flowers From my Garden

I’ve got some stunning flowers in my garden at the moment. I’m loving my dark bronze sunflowers, my dahlias, gladioli, and my grape taffy (Penstemon) is one of my new favourites. It’s done very well this year. It’s been a bit of challenge keeping things looking nice with the dry summer and hot winds. The dahlias seem to be one of the few plants that stand up to the wind – everything else gets a bit of a lean on it! 

One response to “Flowers From my Garden”

  1. A nice display of healthy looking flowers .
    The winds sure have been trying this season .
    As a result some of my garden plants and shrubs are “running late” compared
    with previous early-summer seasons .
    Comparing identical plants in a sheltered Ilam section with mine in St. Albans ,I found that my liliies
    and feijoas for example , are four weeks behind !


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