Riverside Market Opened Today

Christchurch has another awesome new development for its citizens to explore with today’s opening of the Riverside Market on the corner of Lichfield Street and Oxford Terrace (next to the Avon River). This is a covered Farmer’s market featuring fresh produce from local growers along with a number of eateries. 

Today was a ‘soft opening’ as some businesses have not opened – and there are still  construction workers on-site doing the final finishing off – the paint quite literally wasn’t dry on this development and throngs of people were buying out the produce – with one of the bakers commenting that they were completely out their most popular treats by 11am. Christchurch people love pastry and donuts and hot chips! 

The market will be open 7 days a week. To learn more about the market and the different vendors visit their website at https://riverside.nz

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