From Little River to Wainui via Bossu Road

On Saturday I was in Little River and I mentioned that I was always curious about the side road to Okuti Valley – and ‘next minute’ we were down the road but then going uphill – and up and up and well, let’s just say that at some points during the trip I was gripping the handle on the door (what good that would do who knows). It seemed to me that I was always on the ‘drop’ side of the road – (I wasn’t). Eventually, the kind of not too scary but steep sealed road became a narrow and steep shingled road – but I, fortunately, was in good hands with an excellent driver (my other half). Neither of us had actually been over this road, and we discovered it’s simply breathtaking for the views. I hadn’t planned on taking ‘real photos’ so just had my phone camera with me – but it does a good enough job. Click on the video below to get an idea of what the road is like before attempting – especially if you don’t like heights.

Very wind-swept trees – put this plus code into Google Maps for the location 5QMW+6V Te Oka
Te Oka – plus code 5QMW+CH Te Oka
Looking down and across to Akaroa

Wainui finally!

We then went back over the hill joining the main highway.


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