Trees on Fisher Avenue in Beckenham

How stunning are these trees on Fisher Avenue… I’ll have to come back in Autumn as I suspect it will be amazing looking.

5 responses to “Trees on Fisher Avenue in Beckenham”

  1. Great picture!
    I live on Fisher Ave and love these trees
    They look fab in autumn but are a nightmare when the leaves drops! Especially with the big rain storms we’ve had too as they block all the drains!


    • I think I’d have a love-hate relationship with the trees if I lived there – pretty but messy, especially if a Southerly hit (or as we call it in our house ‘the suddenly’).


  2. This is a nice sight and you have captured it nicely! But I can see some complains from the residents as well which is true if we consider the real scenarios. On the other day, I had a chance to talk to a resident who lives in Springs road (after the dairy from Main South Road where you can see the gorgeous Cherry Blossom trees). He had shared the same experience. The front year becomes full of the flower petals and they have to clean it. However, I believe if you want to enjoy the natural beauty, you will have to pay some price as well 🙂


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