Welcome Swallows in my Garden

I love these little birds – but they are nearly impossible to photograph as they spend most of their time flying very quickly and darting around. If you can find them resting on a fence or something similar, then you’ve got a short window of opportunity to get a photograph while they are still. We see welcome swallows flying around the garden most evenings, and I had noticed these two seem to like to spend a lot of time resting on this old garden trellis we have – it’s right next to our garage and they spend a lot of time darting in and out catching insects. They are brave little things – dive bombing our cat who has given up even trying to catch them.

3 responses to “Welcome Swallows in my Garden”

  1. Well done , Michelle .I had not realised that swallows had some colour until I saw your pics of them at rest . I have only ever seen them on the wing .
    You pics and caption inspired me to find out some more about these birds :


    Swallows forage aerially for small invertebrates. They occasionally perch on plants to take insects or sweep them up from the water. Swallows often drink while flying, scooping water from the surface of a lake or pond.”


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