Eastern Terrace in Beckenham

The willow tree was dancing in the wind this afternoon.

4 responses to “Eastern Terrace in Beckenham”

  1. Christchurch is just so beautiful today with all the new leaves on the trees around the city…..Love your pics ….Thankyou


  2. ‘The willow tree was dancing in the wind ‘…….. How poetic , Michelle . I like it !
    Interestingly , the very large tree which stands next to the ‘dancer’ , is as yet , unclothed .


  3. Nice picture of the willow tree. I have seen a few just by the Park Terrace on the other day. Yes, they were dancing as well. @Williamkendall1 I just had a look at your blog which is related to cats. Your blog is wonderful! Why don’t you try to get a custom domain and your own hosting? Your blog has good potential.


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