Yacht Grounded on New Brighton Beach

A friend of mine alerted me to this yacht grounded on New Brighton beach this morning so I had to go and have a look – as it was certainly an odd sight. According to news reports, the skipper of the yacht swam about 100m to the beach and was showing signs of possible hypothermia. I saw photos of a gravel loader trying to move the yacht – but in typical fashion, it got stuck as well. I had visions of even larger vehicles arriving to also get stuck and so on and so on! Alas, by the time I got to the beach the loader was gone. I suspect the yacht may stay where it is for a few days. 

3 responses to “Yacht Grounded on New Brighton Beach”

  1. Judging from how high up on the beach the yacht is grounded, I’m thinking there may have been a king tide involved — nevertheless it’s an odd sight indeed!


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