Rain drops on Freesias in my garden

I’ve always loved freesias, but have only been growing them for the last couple of years. I thought I’d pick them, but prefer them in the garden to a vase. 

3 responses to “Rain drops on Freesias in my garden”

  1. I planted Freesia bulbs for the first time , some months back .
    They have have sprouted and grown but have yet to flower
    I read that they don’t like frost so I have kept them sheltered which has meant that they don’t get enough sunshine .
    They are planted in a trough so I can shift them in to sunshine now that the danger of frosts has almost passed


    • Hope you are rewarded with a lovely display. We are lucky to have a sheltered spot and a bit of a micro-climate I think. These bulbs were from last year’s planting – I just left them in the garden and they’ve popped back up brilliantly.


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