Tree Shadow

4 responses to “Tree Shadow”

  1. That reminds me of a photo I snapped a number of years ago, except I was in a forest during winter when the sun was much lower and the shadows were very long. But, I did something a bit more challenging – I lay down low behind a smaller tree just wide enough to hind the shadow of my camera and my arm (holding it up), and snapped a picture of all the shadows including the shadow of the smaller tree my camera and arm were behind. I’m not sure if anybody ever noticed my lack of shadow in the picture, but if they did, I imagine they may have been just a bit perplexed — a ghost shot? Hehe 😉


    • That’s dedication and commitment to your craft Robert! I was having issues with my shadow. I’m not sure if the bump at the bottom is me or the tree – I suspect it’s actually the tree, as I tried very hard to not get into the photo. Sure is a challenging thing though with those long shadows. Maybe if I wasn’t in such a public park I’d have tried lying down as well 🙂


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