Beautiful Arrowtown

Arrowtown is beautiful any season, but Autumn is by far an outstanding time of the year to be there. Today, I eagerly awaited some sunshine to beam down onto the hills and finally got some mid-afternoon – after a morning on wandering around the shops and looking at the hill and lamenting the ‘poor light’. Photographers are cursed with an obsession with lighting  – great lighting turns us into crazy people who will walk out into traffic and poor lighting in a beautiful place makes us a little bit frustrated. And where we are somewhere we don’t know, we are desperately wondering where the sun is going, how long it will stay above the hill, and where the heck is west exactly?

Blossom in Autumn, it’s been a weird few months weather-wise
Wax eye
The Arrow River

2 responses to “Beautiful Arrowtown”

  1. It was the thumbnail that caught my attention. And then I scrolled down through the photos. And then I thought, “What’s going on here? Doesn’t this blogger know that we’re heading into summertime? These look like autumn photos.” And then I thought, “Oops! It is autumn in New Zealand. I hope Michelle will forgive my momentary ignorance! OK? What a gorgeous post and yes, I agree, photography is always about the light, and good photographers make do with the light that’s available. Well done from Ocala, Florida, US of A.


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