Panadero Filipino Bakery

Until yesterday, I’d not heard of this bakery, as I don’t have much reason to be in Upper Riccarton. At a friend’s suggestion, we met there today to try out their donuts  (the bakery is located at Church corner in the Peerswick Mall at 388 Riccarton Road). They bake a range of Filipino bread, pastries and doughnuts – including the yam based purple Ube doughnut. I had their doughnut and coffee special – $5 for a custard doughnut and a medium coffee – excellent value and very tasty, plus it wasn’t overly rich so I felt like I could have another one almost immediately (though I restrained myself!).

The Ube Doughnut

You can also get an Ube latte! You can learn more about the bakery from their website at and on their Facebook page –

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