Old Caffe Roma Building Reveal

This lovely little building was home to Caffe Roma – a favourite brunch location of mine back in the day. The building has been rescued, and just recently the cover that was on the outside of the building was removed – so we can all see how shiny and new it’s now looking. It will be interesting to see the new life it has  – I’m not sure when the renovation will be completed, but I’m certainly excited about this one.

4 responses to “Old Caffe Roma Building Reveal”

  1. Cafe Roma was originally “THE MIDLAND CLUB” I must research more of it but I had a rellie by marriage who gave me snippets of information


  2. How nice to learn from Michelle that this building was not demolished as had been considered .
    And what a dump it had been post-earthquake :


  3. Hi Ray, yes it was being horrible mistreated after the earthquakes. I’m not sure if the video you posted is related though? Though I have watched it and found it interested, even if the topic was dull 🙂


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