Old Brick Building at Church Corner

I’ve always like this building at Church Corner. I don’t know anything about it.

4 responses to “Old Brick Building at Church Corner”

  1. Im 56 and we lived in Auburn Ave close by. I remember it was an electrical appliance shop, and he would repair electrical goods. That was in the late 60s into the 70s. Back in the day of the stage coach to the West Coast the whole corner was where you would leave your Horses to rest and fed and re shoe. The accomodation was the Bush Inn Hotel across the road. Maybe this building was the Stage Coach Office or accomdation for that Person or both?.Peter Brown


  2. I have found that 359 Riccarton Avenue is a heritage listed building which once was a saddlery (1895) . Whether or not that street number tallies I don;t know . Bush Inn is shown as 340 Riccarton Road on the heritage list


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