Chair Fluorescent Lighting Sculpture, Christchurch Art Gallery


This sculpture is over the stairs at the Christchurch Art Gallery. It is title ‘Bebop’ and is by artist Bill Culbert. You can learn more about the artist and the origins of the sculpture at the art gallery website The chairs were found at flea markets in the south of France.

2 responses to “Chair Fluorescent Lighting Sculpture, Christchurch Art Gallery”

  1. I had wondered how the fluorescent lamps were wired to their ballasts. Now I see, and they’re using solid state ballast which are much lighter than the older conventional ballasts too. Love the name ‘Bebop’ as it is well fitting to an older style of jazz by the same name 🙂

    With energetic sculptures such as this, it would not be too surprising if Bill Culbert will be working on another sculpture even more energetic by the name of ‘Scat’ which is a music genre best represented by musicians such as Scatman John.


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