New Mural on UniMed Building on Manchester Street


This new work of street art recently appeared on the UniMed building which is located on the corner of Manchester and Gloucester Streets. The artwork is by professional graffiti artist Wongi Wilson. It’s nice to see these murals going onto new buildings.


One response to “New Mural on UniMed Building on Manchester Street”

  1. Wongi does have quite the talent, especially to be able to create such large scale works of art whilst keeping the proportions and perspectives so perfect! Just wondering if a projector is used at night to trace outlines of planned paintings on the walls of buildings before painting them or if all his works are done freehand? Somehow I suspect Wongi paints his artworks freehand as I am unable to make out even the tiniest hints of ‘projector distortions’. All said, I believe Wongi Wilson is definitely a very talented Christchurch street artist to be reckoned with — Amazing!


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