Great Hall at the Arts Centre Re-Opened


This weekend the public of Christchurch had a chance to visit the newly restored and re-opened Great Hall that is within the Arts Centre building. I visited both days and it was a constant stream of people coming through the hall – such was the interest and excitement about Christchurch getting back such an important building. The Great Hall is part of the wider Arts Centre restoration. The Great Hall was built in 1882 and  features a stunning window that is a memorial to the students of Canterbury College who died during World War I.

2 responses to “Great Hall at the Arts Centre Re-Opened”

  1. Absolutely stunning! I can see why so many people came to visit and see the restorations within this magnificent place. With the pace of progress taking place it wont be too long before the whole Art Centre block is fully restored — and that I suspect will be a banner day indeed!


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