Bridle Path Track


This afternoon found me walking up the Bridle Path track. It’s steep, the gravel is slippery, but the views are always worth it.


At the top – Summit Road.


And the view – looking down into Lyttelton and over to Diamond Harbour.

3 responses to “Bridle Path Track”

  1. I remember a couple years back when you snapped some great photos from the Christchurch Gondola with one looking back in this direction with the tower at Sugarloaf way off in the distance beyond the view over Summit Road — now I have the pleasure to see what the Gondola looks like in the distance from Summit Road. I don’t know what other people may think (or even remember and notice) but views like these from both directions really fill in the gaps, giving me the added benefit of a great sense of perspective 🙂

    Love these new photos, and the view down into Lyttelton too. Many thanks for posting these!


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